Is there a 'best of' AC/DC album?

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Found 8th May 2008
as the title says is there one?

if not whats the best album to get and the best price?


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i know they do a 5 disc box set called "bonfire" seems very much to be like their "greatest hits"…tml for the bonfire

don't think there is an actual ac dc performed greatest hits, plentyu of random bands covering them though

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Didn't want to pay that much to be honest as I've only ever heard the singles, just wanted to know if there album stufff i as good.....

Whats the best album then? And the best price?

doubt it, :? they've only made 2 decent tracks LOL

lol at snow tiger

Oooh, my specialist subject!

They haven't released a greatest hits but you can get a live album which has most loads of their songs on:…8-1

Other than that kinda depends on what you have heard before as to what you would like, I prefer their early stuff with Bon Scott - try the albums Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap or Highway to Hell but having said that everyone should own Back in Black because every song on their is just class even if no Bon Scott

Best price I can find for Back in Black is £6.99 at BangCD…296

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found it for £5.95 at Amazon but there seems loads of different versions...whcih one do I go for as I have £2.50 amazon voucher to use...can you use multiple vouchers at the same time?

I don't think they ever released a special edition or anything of Back in Black so I'm guessing the different versions are just remastered - I'd just go with the cheapest to be honest - they'll all have the same stuff on anyway. :thumbsup:

At Amazon you can use more than one voucher at a time (I think) but they have to be used against items sold by Amazon (as opposed to marketplace sellers)
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