Is there a chain of casinos in England?

    I'm doing a calender thats designed to advertise a casino, or other establishment that might use a deck of cards and dice. It has to have a client thats well known, but I cant seem to find out any onfo on whether there is a chain of casinos anywhere (across the world even) or if theres any other client I could have that would have a deck of card and dice that would represent them. Any help would be awesome, thankyou


    casino chains im a member of
    circus casinos
    maxims casinos
    mint casinos
    palm beach casinos

    Curcus, Maxims, Mint, Colony, Palm Beach & Crockfords are all part of the same group


    Outside London the Circus, Maxims and Mint brands represent the largest … Outside London the Circus, Maxims and Mint brands represent the largest chain of casinos in the UK. Inside London Crockfords, Colony Club, Maxims, Palm Beach and Mint represent the very best in exclusive gaming clubs. Our flagship club Crockfords is the oldest private gaming club in the world.

    Try Google........

    As above, there are a few UK chains,

    i think in the UK G/Grosvenor casinos are the biggest/most widespread?
    Rendezvous also have a fair few across the UK, including the flagship casino The Empire, in London

    Grovesnor, is 'G' Casino's which are run by Blue Square.

    You also have Circus or Mint Casino's they are another 'big' chain of casinos.

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    Thankyou everybody,I did look on google but was getting so bombarded by online casinos I couldnt seem to find chains of actual casinos

    ALEA casinos
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