Is there a differece between these SD cards?

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Found 27th Jan
Hi, Just want to know if there are any differences between these two cards:…tml…tml

I think I found an answer on another site, but i'm not sure if its true. Can someone please confirm?

"It's a new classification for video. They have added this to the stickers of the newly produced Extreme Pro cards—meaning that there is no difference between the "non-V30" and "V30" cards. Same card; different sticker."…341



The cheaper one is better. It is UHS 3 whereas the other one is UHS 1 (its the U with a 1 or 3 inside. UHS 3 is for 4k video recording, UHS 1 is for 1080p. UHS is 10MB/s which is the same as Class 10 cards (they both have a 10 on also), but the UHS 3 equals 30MB/s and that's where the V30 comes in (V90 is the max atm I think, 90MB/s)…tml

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It's to do with the minimum speed that the card will transfer at when badly fragmented. Unlike burst speed which is for small transfers and not long continuous ones when recording video.

tbf dpreview is more than likely right - the old card would have easily surpassed those min specs so the cards the same just with an updated sticker

so the cheaper one is better... because its cheaper

in general though if not sure then go with the labels
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