Is there a difference between Tesco mobile coverage and O2?

    The telephone sales lady in Tesco told me their no difference between Tesco coverage and O2 as they use the same network so I may as well go with Tesco. She also "thinks" that the O2 iPhone I have will not need unlocking for the Tesco network.

    Anyone know if either of these statements is correct? Thanks very much.


    I have tesco and o2,I find the tesco reception is better. I did not need to unlock the phones. Hope that helps.

    The sales person is correct on both parts. Tesco piggyback off O2.

    Same as Sainsburys new network piggybacks Vodafone.

    Coverage will be the same, priority however could differ...

    Tesco, giff gaff all run on O2 network. Bought O2 phone for daughter, giffgaff card worked fine without unlocking phone. Coverage the same. Much, much cheaper rates on giff gaff though.

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    great - thanks all.
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