Is there a difference from 4K 60hz from 120hz?

Posted 7th Dec 2020
So I know nothing about 4K never used it before and this is the first time

We have been trying out a new x-box x that we have picked up for a gift for some one for Xmas

Done the set up for it and it says my tv is 4K and supports 4K UHD 60hz but not 120hz UHD

Reason to ask is because when playing halo the camera on 4K 60hz moves so clunky and it seems to be so different to how it normally plays but when you turn the settings down to 180p HD it goes back to how it normally plays on the x-box one it is like the game can not handle UHD on 60hz

But the rest of the games are fine it is so strange

Is there a big difference between 4K 60hz from 120hz on the next gen consoles when playing games?
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