is there a dock port connector cover available for the iPhone 3G????

    is there a dock port connector cover for the iPhone 3G????
    like a hard / soft plastic cover / bung to go in the slot.


    not one that you get with the phone no, dont think you need one either i never had any probs with my original iPhone to be honest.

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    I realise that you dont get one with the phone .

    Ive bought a 16gb iphone and im in for the long haul of 18months, I reckon the first thing to break will be the dock connector (apart from the battery) as its exposed to all the **** and fluff in ones pockets.

    Ive got an image Ive found on google of a bung for the iphone V1, just wanting to get one for the iphone V2 (cant get an image to display on the page!!!! grrr)

    mine is always getting full of grit and fluff - a wee rubber bung would be a great idea!

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    I belive this case comes with one - so I have ordered a white one. Looks pretty swet IMO


    I ordered from here:


    i'll report back once I receive

    did anyone have any joy with this i think they would be great idea ???

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    Im still using the one that came with my switcheasy but now have a incipio case

    sorry links no longer work on my older post.
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