Is there a gas / electric supplier that I can say how much per month I want to pay via online

    i pay £35 a month i am £30 in credit but they want to raise the payments from £35 to £51 a month. I left scottish power as they wouldnt let me reduce the bills 12 month ago becuase of the same situation now british gas are doing the same.


    I have changed my supplied quite a few times but one of them I used to be with offered a variable payment scheme where you paid whatever you liked as and when you liked and them got a bill for the balance every quarter. I wish I could remember which one it was. Will post again if I can find out.


    Im with them, they allow me to pay what i want (within reason) then i get a bill every quater saying if im in debit or credit


    never heard of them do you know anything else about them?

    Errr...dont really know anything about them, although have used them for 2- 3 years.

    Great customer (English) service too

    I had this problem with scottish gas too ended up £100 in credit and they still raised my dd, they said something about it covering the winter payments, even though I explained to them we had a log buring stove so the bill wouldnt really go up, I am with scottish power just now and they havent minded me changing the amount I pay to suit, perhaps it depends on what plan you are on?
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