Is there a good active forum for asking about house conversions?

Posted 29th Nov
I have a bit of a pipe dream about buying a house and removing the first floor and loft floor to create a lovely loft style home from a run down low cost house.

Any idea where I could find people who'd know how much about the cost and practicalities of attempting this on different types of houses? I saw on forums like diydoctor but didn't look active enough.
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That would cost a fortune, you’d need structural engineers etc. Your mortgage company would never agree to it so you’d have to buy it our right (cash) and it wouldn’t add any value since value is based on space so removing floors removes space which removes value. Buy a barn if you want high ceilings.
If you did that, the roof would be too heavy for the walls and they would splay out and it would all collapse. I saw it on Phil and kirstie one time I think. That or homes under the hammer.
I don't think you will find any forums talking about this because it's not really economically viable.
To give you the loft space look you would need a huge house to start and would essentially be turning a 5/6 bed house into a 1 bed house.

Removing the first floor isn't particularly difficult or expensive. Removing the 1st floor ceiling is far more difficult and expensive as you will have to add a support structure for the roof.
Then there is getting planning and passing building regs.

I think the money would be better spent on a flat/apartment from a converted factory. Or maybe a church conversation.

But if money is no problem and you are not worried about it's value when you come to sell it it's quite possible.
We used to similar with a pack of cards, and they’d all tumble down if you blew them.
Thanks guys, well yes money is definitely an issue so if it's a case of wrecking a properties value rather than increasing it then I wouldn't be pouring a lot of cash and time into something like that. We do really want to end up in a modern looking scandal style home. Always dreamed of that. Shame there's no website that lets you filter house styles when searching!
Keep your dreams alive, there's always a way
it would not be impossible but it would cost a lot of money. these sort of homes are very expensive as they are new build and they need a different kind of support for the floors. if you are tight on money then forget it, it is for people who have a lot of money and don't care about budget as it is not one of those project that you can get a fixed budget on at the beginning.

you also need permission to convert something like this from an existing building and you may not get it.
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Rather than looking to change the structure of a house, I would keep the layout of the house unchanged and just go for a Scandinavian makeover of the decor and furniture. Looking at google images for ideas Happygreylucky have some rooms decorated pure white with Scandinavian style accents, that you should be able to buy from the High Street.
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