Is there a good alternative to a Dyson hand held vacuum?

Found 28th Sep 2010
I used to have various hand held vacuum cleaners years ago but found they were all quite rubbish.
I'm thinking about the Dyson DC30 or DC31 as these seem to be the best at cleaning but they are really pricey (cheapest dc30 seems to be £87 and the dc31 over £100).

Are there any decent alternatives to the Dyson models that are priced reasonably well?

Alternatively, does anyone have any good experience of the Dyson hand held models and would recommend them, despite the high prices?
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I have the DC31 Animal, and its incredible for a handheld. The battery life seems pitiful, but in practice because you don't run it constantly it lasts long enough to do the car or the stairs for example.

It also has full power right until the battery dies - so messing and slowing down etc. Easy to empty and clean.

It was an impulse buy, and the price is atronomical, so whether its worth the money... prob not I suppose, but if you want the absolute best there is no alternative.

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Can only recommend the Dysom, had many dustbusters over the years and they suck for battery, suction and emptying.

Love our Dyson hand-held, works extremely well.
We've got a dyson DC30 and i have to say they are well worth the money, by far the best handheld we've ever had - the suction power is brill, its easy to empty, easy to charge (fully charged in about 3-4 hours) - i use it a lot as its very good for the car, and with 3 kids i'm forever cleaning up after them!
I'll ask the bf when he gets home from work
alternative, yeah use a plate ffs
I also got a free accessory pack (worth £30-£40 rrp) with mine by using a gadget show code.

DLM - I'm reeling in horror. "the bf" ??!?!?!?!?!? WTF?!!?!???!?!
I think Numpty has a Dyson, but prefers the old fashioned way.
I got a hand held Dyson DC30 on Saturday - it is fantastic, highly recommend it.

I got it via the Dyson website although it was £119.00 and I know I could have got it cheaper elsewhere it was free p & p and alsocame with a free hose extension ( ideal for under the TV stand, the car etc. ) which costs £18.00.

Ordered it Thursday evening and had it by Saturday morning !
Forgot to add also got £6.00 through quidco
Is there much difference between the dc30 and dc31, other than some kind of power boost button?
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