Is there a legal age to leave children home alone

Posted 20th Feb 2021
as above is there a law in the uk preventing children being left alone ?
I've googled it but can't find any solid info, a lot comes up saying there is no age by law.
I had a new neighbour move in around 7 months ago, woman and 3 kids ( approx ages 9,5,2 ) had problems with her almost instantly, she kept knocking door for help and tools which i didn't mind at first but it became multiple times per day for weeks so i started ignoring the door.
Then she started banging on our door really hard, think she was kicking it at 6.30am, i had already left for work at 5.30am but she woke up my partner who thought she was in trouble or kids need ambulance or something so she answered and she said can you get a spider, my partner was annoyed but got the spider.
this started happening every other day between 6-8am for a few weeks and started waking up our autistic daughter and causing her to be upset/have meltdowns but my partner was too kind to stop it.
saturday came and she did it again and woke me up on a day off work, i told her not so politely to get lost and don't knock our door again so she started knocking other doors over the road.
she stopped knocking our door bit the last few months she's been waking my partner and kids up 7am every day playing loud music and her kids are screaming and sounds like she's shouting and hitting them.
my partner told me many times shes seen her go out without her kids over the months and i said shes probably got family over watching them, but today i saw her come back in a car with her friend from shopping and no kids with her.
i decided to check my cctv over last few days and she hasn't had any family turn up, she went out on the bus with kids yesterday and when they returned they were still alone.
so she going out for approx an hour and leaving a 9ish year old alone with a 5 and 2ish ( in pram ) year old and i dont like to cause problems etc.. but am i right in thinking this is unacceptable ? id feel terrible if something happens to the children while shes out and i didn't do anything, i would never dream of leaving my kids alone until they were close to 16.
should i report it and is it illegal ?
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