Is there a long running deal?

    I want to get a PS3 next month, but don't get paid till the 14th. Are there any offers on at the moment, that are running up until then or further after?


    I know Virgin Megastores in Dundee had the 60GB one for £300, same price as the new rubbish 40GB one if that's any help? may be cheaper to get a 360 though

    Is this for the 60gb or 40gb one that you are after?

    The 60gb PS3 is being run down by sony and replaced by the 40gb at the moment, the virgin megastore in Reading told me that they felt they would run out of stock in week or so (but they probably would say that to get me to buy one ) but they do have the best deal around with £350 for a console, 2 games and 2 blu-ray disks (or 2 games and another controller).

    Longer term I think the 40gb deals will be here to stay, try gamestation:…ers

    For just the console the cheapest are

    Unfortunatly the better deals are for the 60GB, but i dont know how long they will be around for!

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    I've got a 360 already, and would like the 60gb if possible.
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