is there a meteor shower tonite or is it tomroro

    unsure if its tonite r tomororo



    Tomorrow - 12th.

    My sister in law says it's tonight

    You could be missing it

    its been going on for the past few nights that I've seen but its at its pinnical tonight

    ooops my bad best tomorrow night apparently

    In the UK, the best times to see the Perseids are likely to be on the … In the UK, the best times to see the Perseids are likely to be on the morning of 12 August before dawn and from late evening on the 12th through to the early hours of the 13 August.


    Last night and tonight! (And tomoz)

    what time ??? don't think we would see much in Manc it's chucking it down...only shower we are getting

    guessing from around now tonight through till tomorow when its supposed to be at its peak. but obviously much harder to see in daylight. or rain

    It's nothing compared to the Leonid metoer showers, which can produce up to many thousands an hour.
    watched those last time and wow what a show. saw ones that lasted a good few seconds and lit up the sky

    depends where you are ....i'm 5 miles from city centre so the light pollution puts a mockers on anything like this
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