Is there a music magpie equiverlant for books?

Found 6th Mar 2013
As above really looking to get rid of a load of books I have without the hassle of ebay
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Just so it's clear I'm not recommending the company I linked to in first post.
Postal costs would be a pain.

Best would be to make a list and take it to a second hand book shop and see what they would want. You may only get 50p a book but if you have loads it could be worth it.
Thanks for that link but they only seem to accept the really popular books
I gave most of mine to charity shops. Obscure reference books seem to do ok, but general novels don't really sell.

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Think I might donate mine to charity shops to now you have said

amazon is best for prices on books, but very strict on quality, I sent … amazon is best for prices on books, but very strict on quality, I sent something near mint, an old psychology book valued by them at £40 and they returned it because it had some pen marks on the last page.

how do you send them books?
If you are talking a paperback that costs £5 new they the cost of postage to them and postage to the person they sell it on to means they only offer you next to nothing and they the margin is tiny. As said, textbook are about they only thing they pay for
Postal costs have actually made me lose money selling books on ebay in the past.
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