Found 12th Jan 2009
hi strange one this i bought a32lg7000 lcd 1080p and everything was fine playing the gamesi usually play cod 5 fifa etc then i bought far cry 2 and mirrors edge and noticed mirrors edge flickers on loading screen which i can live with but far cry 2 is awfull,it flickers badly during movement and screen goes out of focus then returns when u run fast,i have tried every setting on the ps3 i can think of ive let the ps3 automatic detect the settings and ive manually selected each setting 720p.1080i,1080p etc unchecking the others,and a combination of each with no effect,i thought it must be my tv but the thing is i took my ps3 to my dads today same ps3 same hdmi lead used it on his hdtv and same problems especially far cry two which flickers like crazy and screen goes in and out of focus,then i tried it on my brothers non hd tv using the ps3 component cable and same issues so i was relieved that it wasnt my tv,on the way home i decided to pop into gamestation and bought a blue ray film to test that and another copy of far cry 2 as i thought maybe i had a dodgy copy as this is the only game really that plays up this bad ,got home tried my transformers blu ray which looked fantastic no flickering or any issues,i then put on the new copy of far cry 2 and awfull results again flickering and focus issues i dont understand it as i have tried around 11 other 720p ps3 games that play fine,apart from drakes fortune and mirrors edge that both have slight flickering on loading screen but none during gameplay,the otheri have tried wwf sdown 2009.gta virtua tennis,topspin .tiger woods,fifa 09 etc which are also 720p play perfectly,tried to ring sony but can never get through someone suggested making sure 100hz is turned off and 60 hz selected but i have the latest ps3 update and cannot find this setting anywhere all i can find is aoption saying 50hz on or automatic? which i have tried both,i know my tv is ok as when i select only 720p on my ps3 i press info onmy tv remote and it tells me my hdmi channel is didplaying 720p 60hz and when i select 1080p it says 1080p 60hz,i cant uncheck 576p on the ps3 settings either is this normal? thanks
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hi there is an option on the ps3 to change between 50hz-60hz its in display settings i think
when i hink about it iv never noticed a 100hz setting i have a sony bravia s series only times i get flicker is when starting up a game not really noticed it during gameplay i did have far cry 2 it never flickered with me on gameplay i will double check the display options on the ps3:thumbsup:
i got farcry 2 from lovefilm, it flickered a lot. ive not had it with anything else except far cry on the wii. i blame the game lol/
What is the point of changing the settings? Make it better?
yeah just seems to be far cry 2 for sum reason especialy when i use the sprint screen wil go almost black then return to normal and screen tearing aroung the border of the screen
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