Is there a prepaid credit card I can top up with SMS sim credit?

Found 20th Feb 2014
Want one I can obtain across a counter and top up with the many bits of credit I have on phone sims. Failing that is there one I can just put £50 cash on with none of my bank details taken?
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Pretty sure phone credit isn't a currency! Very much doubt this would work. If it does would be great though as it's so easy to get phone credit cheap or free! Prepaid credit card link here mastercard.co.uk/tra…tml
The Spark MasterCard says it can be topped up by SMS but doesn't give further details:-(
Someone must work at somewhere with Payzone and know the ins and outs of these cards.
moneysavingexpert.com/cre…rds this is an MSE thread about all the in's and out's - must admit i haven't read it, but tells you how to apply and all fees etc.
Sim credit is currency you can pay for parking with it in London. I have a feeling that this is one of those things people don't want you to know about. Like how to fiddle a sim card for home broadband :-)
Are you sure about that, im not from london. but looking at google you can use your mobile for NFC which lets your bank accept small payment via the phone. Also some banking such as paypal say you can top up by phone but it mean you can send a text to get the bank you have on file to transfer it to paypal.

Spark says "Top up by SMS" which may be top up from your bank via text and not top up using mobile credit
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