is there a problem??

    i made an offer on an item, seller did not respond, another member made higher offer seller accepted, i never put in another offer to top gigher buyers price so that means higher buyer wants it, now have a look at crossbows responses to me making my offer *view the full post so you get the jist of it* , so what's the deal here with crossbow??…ed/


    Nope, because the OP wanted 10 including delivery which the other guy did offer. You offered 8 or something like that. Don't worry lol. No one can force you...


    is there a problem??

    There is now!


    There is now!

    Oh emma how i love your comments :-D


    Cannot see what you've done wrong here mate....
    Makes sense to me
    You offer
    Someone else offers
    Can't see you doing anything wrong

    Seller has been banned. Nowt else to worry about!

    Original Poster Banned

    i think i should have a hand written apology from crossbow lol only joking

    I don't see why the guy included you, and I think you had every right to ask if he was on drugs!!!! lol Just ignore him, he was obviously in his own little world!!

    Original Poster Banned

    that's what i said midjet, then he went down the offensive route lol ( school yard antics what the hell)

    I think he reckons he's a mod on the forums lol
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