Is there a problem with my HD DVD player?

    So I got the Toshiba HD EP30 delivered yesterday (thanks to another great deal on this forum). It came with 300 and The Bourne Supremacy.

    The problem I'm having is that 300 looks grainy. Close up shots are fine but the background looks very unclear and some pictures are grainy all over.

    The thing is that The Bourne Supremacy looks absolutely stunning on it so I'm now not sure whether I have a problem with the TV, HD PLayer or the HD DVD itself or whether its just the way 300 is.

    Does anyone else have this issue or can anyone shed some light on it?


    caesar. 300 was shot that way. It's excactly the same on my EP1 and the 360 hd-dvd drive.

    As there were so many digital effects involved in making the film, they had to tone down the "shininess" so that it didn't look fake on thebig screen.

    I personally think it adds to the film, but don't worry, there's nothing wrong with your player.

    Its faulty. Send it to me I'll recycle it for you :whistling:

    No jinjernuts is right. Check out…287


    quite a few hi-def films look like that caesar some look brilliant but some look terrible its is how the film was done so not faulty machine mate

    i just watched eragon on ps3. my first hi-def film. and it looked fantastic.

    High definition films do tend to highlight any flaws in the film itself or the transfer, the main one is the noise in low light sequences such as in Heroes or Lost in Translation. Normally it would be mixed within the upscaling noise but it's more noticeable against the sharpness of the rest of the film. That's not to say all dark films have noise, it tends to be 'general' ones rather than something like the Matrix or V for Vendetta which has many dark scenes.


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    Phew, I'm now reassured. My xmas list will be a nice shiny set of HD DVDs now. Alot of people seem to be recommending doing the update on this player as well to iron out a few niggles.

    Thanks for your helpfulness.
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