Is there a Quidco thread just showing the free offers?

    I know there is this one…ing

    Quidco and everything else, but I was wondering if there is a thread just showing the free offers? Like 50p for signing up to blah blah type deals?

    thanks for any help xx


    Dont think so. Just that one.

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    Dont think so. Just that one.

    Oh, bumchops!

    It's a realllly long thread and cba to go through it all, lol


    There was one, dont know how old it is though


    Oh, bumchops!I

    [COLOR="Magenta"]lmao a nice way to put it ![/COLOR]

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    heres one … heres one

    Ah thank you, I couldn't think of the term "no spend deals" lol, so couldn't search properly. (getting old)

    thanks kindly xx

    I did one about 18 months ago, but very few people were bothered so I didnt keep it up to date
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