Is there a thicko site for choosing a mobile?

    I've googled several sites to help me out of the dark ages to find an upto date phone so I can use the internet. Is there a site which recommends which phone, package to get?

    I've got an old Sony Ericcson W580i on Orange pay as you go, put on £10 every other month or so.

    I want a new phone which is good for internet - only really want a package for internet and texting, not really bothered about minutes.

    Any recommendations/suggestions?

    I went into Carphone Warehouse yesterday but not much help.



    o2 PAYG is good for texts/internet but you would need to top up monthly to keep your allowances.

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    thanks been onto O2 and they've suggested £25 p/m unlimited internet with a Sony Ericcson Vivaz.
    Mobilesforeveryone ... has a lot of reading for me to do!

    Thanks for the suggestions

    I use ]http//ww…com they're basically the same site tho...
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