Is there a time limit for requesting PAC codes from mobile networks?

Posted 21st Mar 2010
Afternoon all,

I'm looking to port my number between 1 contract and another on the same provider, but hear that it isn't possible. So from what I gather the easiest way is to port my current number (o2) to a PAYG SIM (T-Mobile), then call up T-Mobile and request my PAC from them, call o2 and have the number ported to my newer contract.

What I want to know is, is there a set time I need to 'be' with T-Mobile before I can request my PAC, or are they required to provide it by default if asked? Do I need to have topped up with them or anything?

In the past the process has taken about 2-4 days to port numbers from one provider to another, so worst case scenario -- am I to expect this whole process to take around 7 days in total?

Thanks in advance!
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