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Is there a way of adding Nectar points if I forgot to put in card details at the time of purchase?

Posted 16th Nov 2008
Like is says in the title really.
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    Did you keep the recipt of the purchuse?
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    It's from play.com and hasn't arrived yet.
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    You should get a recipt with your order that has the amount of points you would have got, you might only be able to put the points on at a game shop as thats where you got them
    take your recipt in and ask if they will put the points on your card
    this usually works for most shops
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    it is an online store
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    Have you tried calling the Nectar Helpline? 0870 4100100 If you log on to [url]www.saynoto0870.com[/url] and put in that number it does give you an alternative. I've yet to work out how to put screen shots onto the website, and I can't be bothered to save as a picture and upload that, so the gist is below:

    Nectar Points 0870 4100100 = 0844 8110811 020 72096355 Helpline
    Also ask for the Treatme support line (0845 2232970)

    Or perhaps hunt around the site [url]www.nectar.com[/url] for contact us bit?
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