is there a way of getting rid of recent activity when logged on

    Hi i have been buying lots of things off here but dont want my kids to notice the recent activity. is there a way of getting rid of it so it isnt seen. i know i can tab buddy activity but think at 13 and 10 they might figure to just click on recent activity.



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    hukd don;7198628


    yes i was hoping to not do that though as i wont be able to write anything. was hoping it was a settings type problem.

    do they browse HUKD aswell or is it just set as your homepage?

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    jeany123;7198663 … might help

    Yes that was exactly it thanks..looks like i have to log off and re log on when i want to write something.

    I usuallyy leave the computer on so they quite often go to sit at it and notice what i have been doing.]

    Thanks for all your help will rep you all. sorry badass it wont let my rep help me out too often....although i am surprised by now that you dont know how computer illiterate i am. The thought of using firefox would send my brain into meltdown. Nearly every question i ask on here is technical about PC's DSi's PS3's mobile phones etc etc. Think i better stick to logging on and off.


    just go into all the quizzes in Misc and make a post
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