IS there a way tht i can...

    DO some work proccessing on word but watching something on the internet at the same time? Every time i click on the word page the internet page goes behind it so i cant see it anymoe


    change the size of your word windows so it is half the screen size, and do the same for the internet explorer window so you can see both at the same time


    Very top right of Word are 3 small boxes. The _ minimizes to the bottom the the middle buttom switches between full screen mode. When not in full screen mode you can click and drag the edges of the Word application to resize it

    Do that with internet explorer or whatever you use and you can get both to fit on the screen at the same time.

    Get a second monitor?

    right click on the taskbar and 'Tile Windows'

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    black knight;3926075

    Get a second monitor?

    I have got a smasung TV next to it and have got a vga cable, how do i know if i can use 2 moniters with my PC though?

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    rep added for everyone who has commented, thanks

    Easy if it's a laptop. Not so easy if it's a PC.

    Laptops usually have a VGA out socket so you can use the screen plus a TV or monitor.

    If it's a PC then you need either 2 VGA outputs or an S-video or HDMI socket.

    Give us some more info and we might be able to help.


    right click on the taskbar and 'Tile Windows'

    Definetely the simplest way of doing it! You can tile vertically or horizontally.
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