Is there a way to find a local list of businesses?

    As the heading says, I'd appreciate any advice guys and girls ?


    on you can search in the find a number section by business type if that helps.

    Yellow pages?

    company's house, but you need a membership i think

    I have another link that might help you M, turn on ya msn tho

    Thomson Directory?

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    I just need a list of the bigger local businesses.

    I'll quickly come on msn Fae but gonna leave work in a sec, so won't be long.


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    Is there a way to find any big businesses nearby without knowing the name of the companies?

    Thanks for all the help guys and girls, as the yell section I briefly checked last night was for local hairdressers, cabs and even bus stops lol

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    handy if you want a bus stop.....:thumbsup:

    There's millions of bus stops around my area, so I don';t have to worry about's trying to get away from them that's the thing I'm more concerned about

    Well, I know there's a few huge studios down the road from here but it's not showing up the map unless I specifically enter the company name in the map, so it's not helping with the market research lol
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