Is there a way to know how well clippers cut hair, (e.g. motor power).

Found 21st Aug 2017
Looking around for a good set of hair clippers, want something as good as what barbers use. I've had two pair already, first was crap, current ones bit better, but still clearly don't cut as well as barbers and requires loads of passes (my hair is thick).

I'd love something that cuts amazingly and is cordless, but don't really know how to shop for them.

At the moment I have the Wahl super taper. Gets great reviews but no way does it cut anything like a barbers.

Are the cordless ones pants? Or is it possible to find one that cuts better than my current corded ones? Prepared to pay decent coin now after two failures
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I've got probably the cheapest pair you can buy. I think mine cost £7.50 from ASDA and I was given another cheapo set by someone else but I've not used the second set yet because the first set is doing just fine.

You have to set them correctly and you have to oil them regularly (I use baby oil so that I don't have to mess about with wiping excess off). A few drops then a quick buzz and then onto my head.

Yes I get the occasional tugging (leave it alone summer ) but it's just a case of spending a few seconds cleaning properly, resetting and away you go
Surprised you are not totally satisfied with Wahl - this is the brand most barbers use. I have a Wahl set (not sure of the model but is corded and came with a full set of coloured combs, cost about just £30 I think a few years ago from Amazon) and very pleased with it, previously had a cordless Remmington which I thought was good until I replaced it with the Wahl.

I watched some youtube videos before I purchased the Wahl - may be worth seeing if any recommend higher spec trimmers if no one answers on this thread.
Bought these, had 2 others similar previously were ok, these are really good though...…men
Silly as it sounds, I've actually got three different clippers, one is a cheap pair of Phillips I picked up from Argos, which I use most often and do the job reasonably well for my needs. I think I also payed about £7.50 for those, but work great..

I've also got a set of Wahl clippers given to me as a present brand new. I've kept those for when the Phillips set dies on me..

I also have the BaByliss Super Crew Cut clippers which is a different style of clippers to the normal run of the mill ones you get. I just can't get on with this unit, I find it extremely difficult to use and doesn't seem to want to touch my hair at all, frankly not worth the money.
I've got a Babyliss cordless model and the battery is fantastic - I use it about once a fortnight for a trim, and I've only needed to recharge it about four times since I got it (Feb last year). Link here

BUT - I have fine hair so it takes less effort.
It's annoying that it has about seven different size combs for different lengths as the Phillips models have one comb built-in that adjusts for different hair lengths. So if I did need to buy a new one I would probably go for a Phillips, they all seem to have pretty good reviews (…men).
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