Is there a way to restore a blackberry? Curve 8900 not working

    My wifes BB is playing up, is there a way to restore it? I have done some googling and can not seem to find a straight way to do it? There must be a way? Any advice?


    When you say restore it I guess you mean from a non working state or do you mean to factory settings?

    If you find and download Jlcmder , info here >>>…tml you will be able to restore it to factory settings

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    Thanks for your answer, don't really want to go down the road of things like that, surely there should be a simple way to do this through the software? Why is it so difficult?

    You havent really made it clear what you are trying to achieve, you can just do a device wipe from within security settings if you want to start again with device settings, etc but any more than that you will need to use extra software

    I've got a Bold 9700 but I assume the process will be similar for for Curve 8900.

    First you'll need to have installed the software that came with you phone (If not get it from here) and also have your USB cable to hand.

    Start up Blackberry Desktop Software and then connect your phone to the computer (has to be via USB not bluetooth). Click device in the top left corner and now you have two options:

    1. Click restore to take you back to a previous configuration assuming you have previously backed up or

    2. More likely click update my device and it will check for new versions to install. If there are no new versions it will ask if you want to subscribe for updates, at the bottom right of this screen there's a button saying "View Other Versions" from there you can reinstall the phones operating system.

    ^This is a bit of a stab in the dark as you haven't really said what the problem is. Does the phone turn on? Or is just running slower than usual?

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    Phone is crashing and turning itself off all of the time, I have wiped the phone but now the App World thing is not on the phone, so we can not install any apps. When trying to install App World it says it is already installed, looks to be a common problem, have followed all the steps online and have come to no avail, will be sending it away for repair tomorrow, useless thing.


    shame : (
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