Is there a way to track emails

    might sound a noob question but a friend of mine wants to sell something on ebay and can only send the item via email

    hes worried that the person might turn around and say he didnt recieve it and get a refund.

    and hes asked me if he can provide paypal or ebay with proof that he sent the email?

    is it possible?




    with outlook you can receive and read receipt the email. however if receiving via outlook then you can stop this reports being sent. surely if he sends via email then he can just sent it again?

    what email prog' is being used ? Outlook (or whatever they call it now.. is it windows mail for Vista ? ..) anyway .... & as far as I know Incredimail ? they both have a receipt system for sending & receiving email

    Digital delivery is outlawed on ebay, that notwithstanding if it's something like an Xbox live code he could send it via ebays internal mail system.....

    If they tried for a refund I don't know where you would stand though as it's not a tangible item.

    Much better way is to use:

    For personal e-mails it will notify you when the recipient has opened the mail BUT not always for large companies with expensive firewalls.

    I have used it for years.

    Original Poster

    well he hasnt sold anything yet

    but il tell him to set up an outlook account

    but do the reciepts show what has been sent as hel be sending out codes.


    You can trace e-mails , at least to an ip addy or location . I've just traced an e-mail I received today from a buyer on ebay in Italy . He's e-mailed me to say the item has arrived .The traced has replied this :

    Email sender
    This Email was sent at Tue, 10 Jun 2008 13:01:21 -0700 (GMT)
    from this IP address:
    IP Location: Campbell in United States.

    So, all the e-mails sent through ebay come from ebay head office . Difficult to pin point a individual in this case.

    As others have mentioned e-mails can request that the sender is notified when it's received/opened but this is only a request and doesn't have to be obeyed.

    Other than that both your ISP and his ISP will have a record of the e-mail passing through their servers but don't know if they'd get involved in what is 'just' an ebay issue.

    As shengis says your best way is to send it through ebay's internal messenging system, but if it is forbidden then he may have trouble getting help even if you can prove it was sent.

    EDIT: Or of course, you could burn it to a cd and send it in a box.

    Best idea is to forget it as it is a bad idea - digital downloads are banned (…tml) as previously mentioned. Your listing will be removed most likely if you openly state online delivery, and I doubt paypal would even bother to look at any digital evidences as proof of delivery and would side with the buyer automatically. (You can just imagine the emails: "..but we require a tracking number" again and again when trying to explain the concept to them)


    if the guy has 100% and a decent amount of feedback then its a pretty safe bet he isnt going to try and pull a fast one and you absolutely should give him the benefit of the doubt

    if not though...dont risk it....I stole an applecare code for an ipod like this once lmao
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