Is there a way to use USB 3 with a USB 2 connection or otherwise and get the USB speed?

    It's been a long time since upgrading anything on my desktop and so wondered if there's a way to connect a USB 3 hub and get the performance without installing an internal component?


    Not really. The speed is governed by the USB 2.0 chipset. You would need to replace the 2.0 with a USB 3.0 component to get the speeds.

    AFAIK, the motherboard controller would need to be USB3 to get the benefit. USB controllers are usually backwards compatible - i.e. 3 can handle 2 and 1.1 etc. but it doesn't work the other way around. If your controller is USB2, you could use USB3 but it would run at 2's speed/functionality.


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    I didn't think is was possible, thank you all for the help.

    Will I need a specific USB 3 card or us the one above a standard fitting?

    Although that will work you should not assume it will be compatible with his board as his may not have a pci express slot

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    I'll have to check later as I can't get to it right now, I think its possible a micro motherboard, or smaller than the average, I forget the terminology, its been a while since I've dabbled with it all and usually have to get educated each time.

    If you force the USB 2 cable in upside down you should be able to get USB 3 speeds.

    I seem to remember an eSATA to USB3 adapter or there is a pci/pcie board which adds USB3 to a USB2 mobo, but the one I had want very stable and I ended up taking it out again.

    USB3 devices will run faster than a USB2 device, even on a USB2 port; at least that is my experience with USB thumb drives.
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