Is there a way to watch sky in another room without subscribing to Sky Multiroom?

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Posted 23rd Dec 2013

We just upgraded to Sky+HD and the problem we have is on our old Sky box we used to be able to watch Sky on another TV in another room for free but we couldn't change the channel or anything we had to do that from the main box. The problem is without that Sky link that TV is useless now as our Freeview never has any signal or channels. I don't want to change the channel it's just when we want to eat dinner we want to be able to watch the footy.

So I was wondering is there a way I can watch sky in another room without sky multiroom subscription and preferably no wires?

I have read about a Sky link/Magic Eye you can buy for £9.99 and a video sender, the problem is I have no idea those work and do they need cables as I don't want cables running through the rooms. I'd like to keep HD channels too if I can as I read most solutions only show SD programs.

Thanks for any help.
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