is there a way where i can view my downloads in full view not letterbox

    whatever i download its always in letterbox style,is there a way to change some settings before i download the file.or are they all set this way by using utorrent,does anyone else use this,if so what do you think.


    They're all usually ripped from Widescreen versions...

    Very rare you'll get a 4:3 version.

    Depends on whether you mean 4:3 letterboxed widescreen, a small window in a 4:3 frame, or just widescreen 16:9 or similar ?

    If it's the former and you want widescreen, then zoom is possibly the only way.

    If you want 4:3 and don't want letterboxing, use zoom for this too, or use pan/scan, but you will lose the outer left and right edges.

    Are you viewing on your pc or burning to disk and viewing on television?

    If using pc, get a copy of vlc media player and you'll be able to alter the aspect ratio to fit your monitor or viewing perferance.

    If viewing on tv, then a lot of tv's allow you to alter the aspect ratio between 4:3 and 16:9, although it may not fit the screen exactly.



    I'll second johnnypanic- VLC is what we use x

    Cheers for the link currychops. Should have done that myself, but looking after the 3 wee ones this morning is limiting my time (and patience) :roll:


    Original Poster

    hi thanks for the replies,iv already got VLC but i tend to use realplayer,just because its always set to my default player,i have my pc connected to my 50" plasma,whenever i watch my downloads its always a letterbox,i was wondering if theres a way i could get it too fill the complete screen,i can use zoom on my TV remote but this intensifys and distorts the image.

    thanks for your help

    If you have it hooked up to a 50" screen, it doesn't surprise me that zooming in distorts the image further...

    Your screen is 16:9, but some widescreen rips are 1.85:1, which still leaves a letterbox effect on widescreen TVs.

    You'll notice this on normal DVDs as well.

    Not really something you can cure (without the zoom degrading the quality).

    Also, I didn't think that playing video via "TV-Out" on your PC gave amazingly good results anyway...



    Also, I didn't think that playing video via "TV-Out" on your PC gave … Also, I didn't think that playing video via "TV-Out" on your PC gave amazingly good results anyway... :?

    It doesn't, but then again, not many people are so fussy when playing downloaded movies if you get my drift...

    I prefer downloading full DVD versions and putting them to a RW, then re-using it again.
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