Is there a website to check old vinyl prices?

just found alot of old vinyls. but i havent a clue what they would be worth(not alot i expect) but could be some rare ones!


I don't know about a website - BUT I 'think' I am right in saying that a shop called BEANO's is one of the largest reailers of old vinyl records.....

They may well be able to help....

Most of it is done on e-bay to be honest??

Saw this on the web....

Beanos is a long established and well known second hand record shop which has been under threat of closure for a few years now. Last year it seemed that the inevitable was finally going to happen when the owner, David Lashmar, announced that he was going to give it one more go and open up a market space on the first floor and keep the ground floor for the beloved records, cds and dvds.

I don’t go in to Beanos too often because I have a propensity for spending too much money on records, cds and dvds which I put a cap on a few years ago. But old habits die hard and, occasionally, a few drips still leak from that tap. I went in there yesterday with some friends who weren’t too familiar with Croydon and it’s just as well they were there because I did my buying by proxy through them.

We got there just before closing at 6.00pm but not before we’d whizzed through the bargain bins and found some corkers which we couldn’t put down again.

I’m so pleased that Beanos has found a way to remain open and I’m looking forward to seeing what it’s going to look like when the market area upstairs is finally unveiled.

depends what you have - you could check on ebay and tbh you will get betteerr price than seller direct to a dealer

record collector is the bible for prices

best ones 60s 70s and smiths from 80s

whatcha got and ill check a few in book for you - any little gems??:-D

Bit laborious, but I would suggest you look up the items you'd like to value on sites such as netsounds or musicstack

They list rare, hard to find & second hand vinyl so their current list prices should give you an idea

Hope this helps! :thumbsup:

I'm a self-confessed vinyl junkie

also try ]left legged if you want to compare/want to know prices.

Here is the one that I use

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Cheers guys :thumbsup:
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