Is there a well spec'd phone deal that has water resistance IP67 or similar?

    I've ridden 30,000+ miles with an iPhone on my mountain bike. I've been using the 5s for the last 3 years. I really want to get the iPhone 7 Plus because it hit's all my needs; water resistance so I don't have to wrap it in plastic or get a special waterproof case, brighter screen, larger screen, longer battery, great camera, etc...
    But the price is still a major deal and I don't want it on contract because I travel too much. I've recently found out that the one App i use all the time for trail Navigation (Maps 3D) will now be available on Android. It would be a tough switch though because I've been running iPhone since early days and have significant investment in apps I'd have to replace. But I've used Android before and appreciate the difference.
    Seeing some of these deals though, sub 200pound on a great spec'd phone, well that's really attractive. But I still don't want to wrap up the phone or get a special case. Having a phone that can work in a little bit of rain like we get here in the UK would be great. And if the screen can be at least as bright as the 5s that's great, brighter is even better!).
    I've looked at some of the ruggedized phones and they are great, but frankly I've rarely dropped the phone. I don't really want a big old case as the phone is big enough. I'd love something affordable with similar physical specs to the 7 ( 5.5 screen, water resistance, 2G+Ram, 16GB+. etc...
    Along with the price ofthe Iphone the turn off is the risk of damage. I've been lucky with the iphone 5s but even with insurance and all I'm just frightened of riding with basically a $1000 phone on the bars all the time.
    Thoughts appreciated. Tks!


    Personally would recommend the Sony Xperia Z3, can picked up off eBay for £150. IP68 rated, extremely good battery life, Bravia screen, memory card slot, compact size (compared to normal android), and a very good camera.

    try the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

    To be honest I'd pick up an unlocked 6 or 6s and buy a Lifeproof case.
    I know it's contrary to your wants having a case. However it gives you a very rugged case, amazing waterproof protection. I have one on an iPad Air that my 4 year old son has been man handling for 2.5 years. It's still in great condition. It isn't as bulky as the usual Griffin cases. Also they clip together so tightly it's not the type of case you casually sit open and closing when bored.

    Otherwise yes the Sony Z range probably fits your needs. However you do need to keep all ports closed, which I doubt works well after 50+ uses.


    try the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

    He wants a phone not an explosive jet pack

    Have a look at presale on Android Homtom HT20 poss around 82-100quid.
    Look it up in kimovil.

    Original Poster

    Some great ideas, thanks! I stayed up most of the night and researched half the day. Everything is a compromise! I ended up spotting the Motorola Moto G4, which has no compass, NFC or fingerprint reader. But other than that it's got plenty of other strong spec in a decent phone. I was also able to apply the same deal from Appliance Direct mentioned for the Cubot Cheetah phone and get 20pounds off with a Which trial. Total cost came to 139 with one-day shipping. Not bad for a new phone with a 1080 screen. I am most concerned about the lack of compass actually but all my satnav direct themselves on the direction you're going. However it's nice to have the compass initially at times to orientate yourself. It's certainly not the iPhone 7plus but many compare it to the iphone 6 and it came to like 1/5 the price.
    The other major final on the decision was that though it is not waterproof certified it does have a nanotech type splash protection so I can leave it on the bike during drizzles.
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