Is there an alternative to what the hudl 2 was in its day

Posted 31st Dec 2017
Hi my 2 kids have the hudl 2 both of which are starting to show there age the Android is out of date the batteries are not great one just turns off randomly but when we got them they were great android tablets for only £130.

I considered iPads but have had bad experience of Apple with both our phones failing completely within contract so very put off them for the cost.

Is there an Android tablet that has an up to date android system a decent price and a large screen? Any advice would be great thanks
Please not the amazon fire as I bought my mum one and can barely look at it I find them glitchy and irritating 🙈
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got the Lenovo yoga tab 3. was 240 at Argos but sure I've seen it cheaper since I bought it. runs everything smoothly, kids prefer it to their iPad
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Highly recommend fire range from amazon in 7,8,10 inch variety.
Acer Iconia tabs work for us - got a 7 & 8" version - not the fastest but reliable and a good fit in the Hudl space. Should be able to find the 8" for <£100.
Amazon fire tablet and load playstore on. So cheap if the kids break it buy another. Also good parental controls built in I hear... Only tablet to have this
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This deal crops up again and again. Mine was mint.…rue
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