Is there an Alternative to Xbox 360 wireless adapter??

    Is there an Alternative to xbox 360 wireless adapter, as the official one is to expensive for me but i cannot go wired due to the 360 being to far.

    Thx for ur time


    PS3????? He He x

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    Please no more PS3 comments :thumbsup: I dont like threads that are cluttered.

    there are 3 other options:

    1. a long ethernet cable (around 7 quid for 20 metres on ebay)
    2.a gaming bridge (cheapest around 45 quid) the xbox via acrossover cable to your laptop pc...obviously it will have to be next to it

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    I cant use an ethernet cable as its not do-able for me and my house

    A gaming bridge seems ok but what does it do? Can someone post a link to one?

    The 360 will not be near a PC or Laptop or Router or Modem.

    Gaming bridges are great for simple set-up, but any wireless bridge will do the job & they're often cheaper.

    Many routers, Netgear in particular, have bridging functions so if you have a redundant router from a previous broadband deal check the user manual to see if has a bridge option.

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    Thx for the info but what do they do exactly? Can someone post a link to one?


    they just re-route your wireless signal, there a description on wikipedia:…dge
    and a link to one:…JOE

    to be honest though they are almost as expensive as the official adapter and they require a dc outlet

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    Thx for the links, repped u for those. I think the official wireless adapter is the way to go I guess.

    Its just a shame nobody has found a way to connect one of the 3g USB modems to the 360. I am sure that would save a lot of hassle for people.

    bingo, the same could be said for using a standard usb wireless's just that theres no way of installing any drivers, the official adapters drivers were pre-built into the system.

    What happens when someone plugs the net adapter into a pc. Does it even see its a device?

    Gonna have to get a wireless adaptor when I move back from uni... probably gonna get the official one... but ne1 know if they are gonna do a black one to match the Elite?

    Really if the distance between the xbox and router is considerable you will need to buy an official adapter and a bridge so no money saving there.
    ]Homeplugs can be bought for bout £50 and if for some strange reason 0.001% they dont work shove em on ebay they fetch that on there

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    well the distance between the 360 and the PC/router is only like 5m (as the 360 is upstairs and directly over the router downstairs) so the wireless signal hopefully will be strong but connecting a wire to the router and 360 is not a possiblity.

    lol distance not a problem then not much point in a bridg.
    Unfortunately this is the way consoles are made profitable by selling peripherals at high margins, so its an official adapter then!


    Or a gaming bridge for £15, much cheaper than the official oneEbay Item … Or a gaming bridge for £15, much cheaper than the official oneEbay Item number: 160236835675 should do you fine..

    yeah soz i read his post wrong ( bout connecting a wire to the 360 ) suppose it wont matter if its right next to it

    there is an alternative it is to get a non official wireless router
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