Is there an easy way to record the radio on your pc?

Found 1st Mar 2011
I would like to be able to record radio programmes on to my PC. Is there anything that allows me to browse the schedules on radio 4 and highlight programmes that I want to record and they will then be recorded to an mp3. I know there are ways to record what you are listening to but what about programmes than are on when I am at work?

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Same method (such as recording wave out with Audacity) but using the listen again service should work...

Can you download certain BBC Radio programmes from the iPlayer in a format which your MP3 player or whatever will play? I don't know, but it may be worth looking into as I do know you they have radio programmes on there and you can download the TV programs.

Dont know about scheduled recordings but I've captured songs from internet radio using a program called LoopRecord .I think Audacity would do the same thing .......................capture anything going through the speakers ..............but you would have to listen at the same time your recording.

don't they just do podcasts for each show?…io4

right click and save whatever feed you like?
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don't they just do podcasts for each … don't they just do podcasts for each show?[url=][/url]right click and save whatever feed you like?

From what I understand you can save podcasts but not everything is available as a podcast. I just wondered if there was a way of chooing items in advance to record to my pc. I used to be able to do this on my Pure DMX 60 using the EPG and recording to an SD card but it has stopped recognising the card and the model is no longer available.

you would need a dvb-t card with an aerial and a copy of media portal.
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