Is there any actual point to surround sound gaming headsets?

Looking to get a gaming headset for the PC but I've heard more and more that a separate mic or clip mic and normal headset perform better?

And also how well do gaming surround sound headset perform? I know it's nowhere near as close as an actual 5.1 setup but does a headset give a similar feel?


Yeah its not that far from proper surround...much better than just left and right put it that way!

I got the logitec g930, which is meant to be 7.1 and it's a nice headset, but I don't feel it's amazing. For music it's cool, gaming I don't use it to take advantage or notice it either.

I recently had contract work for transcription work. Which is transcribing a movie into text (sub titling).
My G930 were horrible for the job, half the time the audio wasn't crisp to work out people's accents, and what was said.

While on a small break with the girlfriend, I've picked up a pair of Sony MDR -1R headphones, their studio headphones, comfortable and has a crisp balance. I've not had a chance to try a game on it as I'm still away.

But I only decided on buying them because of the deal on price and read a lot into headphone + boom mic seem to be better for a crisp experience. Look at the youtubers who talk into a professional mic with studio head phones. Got to be a reason right?

Your favourite headphones and separate mic will be far better than any surround headset.

I've used Trittons and the Astro A50s and they are terrible compared to my current setup of Sennheiser HD598 combined with Astro MixAmp and a ModMic.

As a PC gamer you won't need the MixAmp, assuming you have a decent soundcard. Most important thing is headphones with a good sound stage. Playing games like BF4 I know exactly where choppers are without even looking.

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@Bo0td thanks for the input, yeah ive been told a cheap clip on mic will do the job fine I do already own a of Sennheisers they were bought on a budget but they do sound amazing.

How does the mod mic perform outside of gaming? I do a few documentaries and commentaries on my course and if this mic could be used there too it would save me a bit more cash

also do they record well or pick up background noise (mouse clicking, typing etc)
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