is there any call for original xbox stuff anymore? ( not 360 )

Found 4th May 2008
i got an original xbox soft modded so it can play those (special games) and a lot of other stuff too for it like the sniper scope gun which doubles up as a shotgun and the normal type gun aswell, remote control and joypads and about 200 games for it some original some not . is there any intrest in this stuff anymore? i was having a sort out yesterday and was wondering if it is worth much? got a gamecube too with about 12 games. dont no what any of it is worth tho!


not sure how much its all worth, but im sure you would easily be able to sell it all.

How much ?

dunno, but i might have a think if cheap enouff for kids. need to think of prices.

how much for xbox

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gamecube games;
mortal kombat deadly alliance
sonic mega collection
minority report
starsky and hutch
freedom fighters
dead to rights
star wars rebel strike
star wars rogue leader
star wars the clone wars
star wars bounty hunter

i am interested in the guns !!

how much xbox and how much for sonic ?

I may be interested in some of the xbox games can you list what you've got.

Davej, you can try selling it in the FS/FT forum on here. If you do a search you'll see that some original xboxes and games have been sold on there, however whilst you can say that it is modded, you are not allowed to list the 'non-original' games as part of the sale.

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ok thanks for the pointers nightswimmer, i post up later as i will have to sort through them to see what ones are what! cheers
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