is there any difference between a paypal dispute & an ebay dispute

Found 10th Jun 2010
I ordered an iridium screen off ebay as a birthday present,it arrived but when i opened the box it wasnt iridium it was silver (which the seller sells cheaper)
I emailed sellertwice but had no response so need to open a dispute

I know ebay now have their own dispute panel in the help section but is it any different to going straight to paypal dispute?

thanks in advance
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Just go straight to paypal and open a dispute, saying the item is not what you ordered or significantly not as described. (you can only do this somehting like 10 days after you bout the item).
Report it to ebay too. You may have to send the screen back and you'll incur the costs of this, if you do have to do this, make sure you get a tracking reference and only send to the persons address listed on ebay, otherwise the seller may say they didn't receive it!!
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thanks....... bit unfair that i have to pay return costs for sellers mistake
Go straight to paypal and file a not as described dispute,

Ebay are ok, but paypal have far more clout when dealing with disputes, Just make sure you stick to the dealines and escelate it within the required timeframe

thanks....... bit unfair that i have to pay return costs for sellers … thanks....... bit unfair that i have to pay return costs for sellers mistake

If its an ebay business seller then you are also covered by DSR Distance selling regulations so will not be out of pocket for return.
Just demand that the seller reimburses you all money including return costs and you won't leave them negative feedback. I find most oblige to save the red mark and bad comments. If you do return it make sure it is a signed for service that is trusting, as your seller may not be so honest to state that they received it back otherwise
when did you email seller?
send the boys round and rought them up a tad:thumbsup:
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I've emailed twice over the past week and had no response,have opened a dispute with paypal so hopefully something will get sorted now
and yes a business seller so theres hope yet that i wont be forking out for the return of it
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