Is there any effective way to make a complaint to Amazon about drivers dumping items?

Posted 21st Jul 2021
I'm a long time user of Amazon but just this past week I've had several occurences of drivers dumping items in the back alley of my house (where anyone could just grab it) rather than knocking on the front door. I went through the Amazon Customer Service and spoke to spoke to somebody about this last week and was told that it would be investigated and would not happen again but I've just had the same thing today. I'm just wondering if anyone has had this same thing happen and have managed to have their complaint effectively dealt with? I've actually decided not to order anything worth more than a couple of pounds now because I just don't trust the drivers to deliver the items properly. The strange thing is that I've ordered from Amazon regularly (about once or twice a week) for many years and have never had this problem until just the last couple of weeks (and Amazon are saying that it's not even the same driver doing it each time).
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