Is there any Nintendo Wii in Norwich area at a SENSIBLE PRICE?

    Yep. I'm after a Wii at sensible money in the Norwich area.
    After just the basic console, but would consider a package if the money's right.
    Would be willing to pay £200 for the basic console.
    Can anyone help???

    Been on all the retailers websites i can think of. Most are willing to take my money but will not gaurantee delivery until FEB.

    Is there a specific stock checking site to see when the next shipment comes in??? I've not been able to find one but i'd have thought there would be.


    Hi im from norwich!! out of interest where bouts do you live? i live near dunston hall, know where that is?

    also try game in debenhams

    Original Poster

    Yep, i know dunston hall. I'm in thorpe.
    Debenhams you say ......... i shall get myself along there in the week.

    You might just get lucky at Argos soon after Christmas, especially if it's a large one near you

    dont take debenhams as a definite phone em up first"!

    If your aiming for next week, then hopefully the christmas rush should have died down and it should be a lot more possible to find one. Not that it will be easy but they might hopefully stay on the shelves a little longer... Maybe even the ebay prices will settle down.

    As above, they're advertised in the Argos Christmas Sale brochure, so might be available...

    The brochures would have been printed a couple months ago - I've seen loads in past brochures which were unavailable in my local store months before the brochure came out so check with them first via phone/internet

    True I agree, best to give them a call beforehand :santa:

    I am 97% sure they will not be available on the Argos site as my friend works there and has informed me they will only be in-store until most stores have steady stock. So ring your nearest stores!
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