Is there any one who won a competition?

    I saw there are many competition around however just wondering

    Is there any one who have won a competition?


    I was thinking the same a few days ago,


    Came 4th in a sainsbury's competition once- 1st prize was to go to America for a week !!

    But I got 4th prize- 10 FREE books (but they were good books) ;P

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    Congrat Now the next question, wondering now now many competition you will need (in average) to win anything? Or May be how many competition you filled in until you won something? Any idea?


    at a guess

    Ive entered loads for HUKD, but never won a thing. I have got loads of emails coming in though....,oO

    i won the xbox original when it was first released. many moons ago, was from getzed website

    I won some Sally Hansen nail products from here,only been doing the comps a few weeks though.

    I won an illuminated laser Stsr Trek mouse and mat plus a couple of books in different comps.

    I've won a fleecy hat (2nd prize in a TGO magazine comp), a trip to the British GP (Top Gear magazine fantasy f1 tie-breaker), Indiana Jones DVDs when they first came out (an american website) and was also the 100,000th Bite card holder, so was given a hamper for that! Not bad going...

    i've won a few million sterling, i was informed via email.... not wanting to go too much into detail, but, just need to bail some unlucky persons father out of a bind, and pay for some costs and then the moneys all mine!!
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    prizes of note:-

    Sony Barvia 40", Surround Sound, Upscaling DVD player & years sub to Setanta about 2 years ago
    Then about 3 months after that won a return trip to New York for 7 nights

    Ever since that nothing major just little things like xbox 360 games, £100 red letter day, £20 fireside quiz, shoe vouchers, etc etc

    Tip = perseverance, & keep the faith


    I have been entering comps for about 5 years and spend about 1/2 hour a day entering, Mostly from loquax.
    I have been lucky enough to win a big prize every year Macbook pro, Macbook, 46 sony, dvd with hardrive, Mobiles, Mini moto and lots of smaller value prizes.
    The only way to win is 2scoops tip. perseverance & keep the faith but remember if you are going to enter lots of comps set up a comp email as you will gets lots of spam.

    some nice prizes there, but spending half an hour a day entering comps seems quite a lot of wasted time

    Depends if you have a job sitting about and nothing better to do than than waste time. Just won a ipod touch 32gb but yes did waste alot of time.

    I won the lottery once, the money helped fund a quality night out

    i won red dead on release and another not so interesting game,

    Won a few things over the years, Computer, Daily Mail Wish List and lots of other things.. You need to enter loads to get anything, plus different value's etc

    i just won £26 on the lottery website lol does that count, must have been a late birthday present lol

    what is the best sites to use for competitions, i use to use loquax and used it enter lots but not won anything from there

    I got 5 numbers on the lottery once, won £2000

    Iv won £50 from Take a Break years ago, a holiday from Womans Own to Butlins!!!
    Tickets to global gathering and a fake bake tan last month and have won each and every one of Rimmels draws on here for make up so I guess im a lucky girl....

    just won tickets to see scott pilgrim v the world on thurs apparently with free beer and cheese.

    I won a Wii from Quidco a couple of years ago but that's it for me.

    Have won loads over the years but nothing recently as hardly ever bother now. Best win was a week in Florence at a five star hotel out of the local paper
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