Is there any point in charging a car battery?

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Found 27th Dec 2009
My dad asked me if I was charging my car battery in the cold weather. I used to years ago, but my experience of modern batteries seems to be they keep going in all weather until one day they just fail. I guess a lot of the time my car just does short runs. I have a power pack jump starter if it failed to start.

Is there anything to be gained from trickle charging a car battery occasionally? Would connecting up the jump starter for a few hours and lettting the current flow to the battery be the same?


I trickle charge my motorbikes during the winter but unless you are not going to be using the car for a long time its not really necessary - trickle charging is better than jump starting though

My dad used to charge his battery, but he used to drive old bangers. Ive never had any problems with batterys in the 15 years i have been driving, but have only ever had cars less than 5 years old!

I shouldnt think you have anything to worry about as long as the car is used frequently.

If you just leave your car running for 10-15 mins sometimes with your side lights on this will benefit the battery
this is a serious comment although it sounds silly :thumbsup:


modern car batteries dont need charging unless you leave it for weeks without use

If you use your car for more than short trips often enough, no, it should not need charging. If you have to keep charging the battery and you do use it for longer trips then the battery needs replacing.

older battery tech meant cold weather would discharge a battery quicker than normal. Most modern batteries now have calcium type batteries that are far more resilient to the cold so therefore dont require trickle charged over cold weather to keep them at an optimum level.

not always the battery don't forget. if the alternators dodgy it won't be charging the battery properly.

also depends on the car as some batteries are in use when the car is off ( for the clock, immobiliser and other things and they slowly drain the battery unless you go on a long trip every so often.

also depends if your car is petrol or diesel

My bike doesnt seem to enjoy -3 temperatures and seems i run almost flat in the winters - so i take it out and charge it in the house and bung it back in when january sunshine comes

Wouldnt bother with a modern battery - my old min is a 94 battery and that needs charging if i dont use it for a week
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