Is there any shortcut to open dimplex panel heater

    My child had been putting few plastic stuff like spoon and comb into a dimplex panel heater mounted to wall,

    Now I live in a rented flat, I am not sure how to take these stuff out without touching screw drivers, Is there any shortcut or video I can watch please

    Also would anything happen if I leave this stuff in there ?

    THank you


    I'm afraid there's no easy way, unless you can use a long stick with something sticky on the end to try (blu tack, chewing gum, sellotape wrapped around in a ball) and get out that way. Don't use the heater unless the plastic is out, they can melt and catch a light causing potential hazardous fumes or house fire.

    ** please make sure you isolate the heater at the mains or fuse box before sticking anything in the heater!! **
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    I doubt it - these are high powered heater (3kW) and hence will be delibrately designed not to be 'easy' to get into.

    Please don't attempt to open this up unless you are totally confident in what you are doing. If not sure I suggest you try to find someone else to do this for you.

    I would not use the heater until these items are removed - the plastic is likely to melt and eventually ignite if they are touching (or very near to) the heating element. There is no good outcome should this happen - best case senario is a lot of black smoke and a damaged heater, worst case a lot, lot worse!

    The heater really should be designed with a grid on the top to prevent what your child has been able to do!!

    You could try a basic metal coat hanger, straightened out, to try to hook the things out....or a £1 SHOP "grabber" handle, 30cm long wire-like bendy shaft with wee protruding "grabbers" on the end. You press the small plunger on the handle and the wee grabbers pop fishing! Most £1 shops have them in Tools section.
    Good Luck!

    Take it off the wall.
    turn upside down

    Original Poster

    Thank you everyone, I will try your suggestion and let you know outcome
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