is there any way i can record security camera

Found 24th Apr 2016
I have 2 dlink cameras and 2 Hubble Motorola ones is there any way I can connect them to ifttt or record. If I was to extend my security setup what products would you recommend?
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I am unaware of your camera specifications but there are various options which should cover most cases:

1. Use VLC to save the stream as a file to a specified directory on your hard drive. The file can be viewed over the network using RTSP protocol (view from another PC's browser or even on an Android app such as MX Player). See…ssl
2. If the camera output sVideo, component, HDMI, etc, you can use a PC to record via a capture card. Examples are Avermedia capture HD with HDMI and component input, Hauppauge HVR900 with composite, sVideo and component (I believe) inputs. Use Mediaportal software to schedule recordings. See…log
3. Use Yawcam to capture webcam feeds and set it to record on motion detection (and also email on motion detection). Yawcam also incorporates a web server, allowing for live viewing via a web browser or via an Android app such as TinyCam. See

Unfortunately, the above require a certain degree of knowledge to set up and furthermore, I don't know the type of equipment you own (webcam, IP cameras, analogue equipment).
active webcam is a good bit of software. take a look at that
I second active webcam for simplicity to setup and monitoring. You can add anything that's a direct to PCs or via wifi / wired IP address. Also add time stamp, motion detection etc plus without having to buy the full version to get email / text notifications I set it up with on motion detect save image to a separate folder (on Dropbox) and each time a file is added it send me a message using IFTTT. Worked great when was away on holiday last.
Is there anyway without having a PC on 24/7? Could I get a mini PC for £39 and use that?
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