Is there any way in fireworks to...?

    Bascially i'm trying to design something, but need my image to have a circular background that is just my image if you see what i mean - in fireworks it looks like i can't have a circular canvas so when i upload my image (even in png form) it still has a white background.

    Is there any way in fireworks to make my "canvas" circular rather than the square/rectangle?



    Original Poster Is what i want to achieve, but the image is on a square canvas.

    Is what I am currently getting.

    Can you not have a transparent background?


    Original Poster

    Unfortunately i have used a transparent background, but what I am using to upload to will not see it and makes it white

    what are you uploading to?

    Can you send me a pm with a link?


    I think you can in Photoshop, not sure about Fireworks because I don't use it. I think the way to do it would be to use layers. Create a new layer and in this layer cut the portion that you don't want, i.e anything outside of your circle and then delete your background layer. This should, in theory, make the canvas as well as the image circular.

    As I said, I've never used Fireworks so this might only be true for Photoshop.

    Hope his helps!

    Okay do you have to save it as a PNG? As it works fine for me with Gifs?
    Smaller too if your having to upload.

    Just a thought...


    save it as a Fireworks PNG and it should be fine.. thats what i've done in the past. As long as you have it ona transparent bg to begin with


    Can you not have a transparent background?Shima

    that should work, or, have a bkground colour exactly the same of your bkground :thumbsup:



    Is what i want to achieve, but the image is on a square … Is what i want to achieve, but the image is on a square canvas.[IMG][/IMG]Is what I am currently getting.

    The first image is a png and is what you are trying to get. The second is a jpg, which cannot have a transparent background - though it can be disguised by using a background that is the same colour as your page background. Only gif or png are worthwhile for a transparent background AFAIK.

    Not sure what you are trying to do? Is it to just be clickable from the circle itself? If so, you have to set "hotspots" on the image. That way only a hover and click on the image will activate it. Is that what you meant?
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