Is There Any Way To Get Windows 7 Free

    I'm a student and wondered if I can get windows 7 anywhere as I don't currently have an OS!


    For free??? Not legally...

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    I'm a chancer...
    So is there anywhere I can get it for free?

    if u want a free OS your better off using Linux

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    well basically i need a cd of either linux or win 7 so i can start my computer!


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    yeh but thats the upgrade. i need an original!

    I get Windows 7 Free from my university - you should ask and see if you can get it

    I get both the 32 bit and the 64 bit version


    yeh but thats the upgrade. i need an original!

    It states that they are upgrades but suggests and allows you to perform a fresh install, with or without a previous OS installed.

    You can download unbuntu and there is even a website that will send you out a disk for free. In terms of windows you can either get the student deal or...
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