Is there anything out there to make earphones wireless from the mp3 player?

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Found 3rd Oct 2008
As said, basically I received my shure earphones and works a treat. But however, I want to take things a bit further. My bulky mp3 player doesn't feel natural on me - I leave it in my pocket but then it's weight is noticeable. It rustles a lot in my bag so my earphones just rustles as well, making me look stupid (i open my bag alot). I don't want to invest in another mp3 player (though a nice idea) yet, so I thought is there such thing of a device when I plug it into the mp3 player, leave the mp3 player in my bag, and another device to the earphones. The earphones would probably look stupid and the weight of the device might be a waste of space, but is there such a thing out there?


havent you got a good enough walkman style phone? YOu can get certain bluetooth enabled headsets that cut out the need for wires..

how about the wireless jabra bt earphones that work as standard earphones on one device and work on a bt device also . . .( i've confused myself and not sure if it's what yer after but)…121

sony do a set of excellent bluetooth head phones, the feature you are looking for in set and player is "A2DP"

I have logitech freepulse the little black box fits on to your mp3 player they last me about 7 hours when fully charged.

To use your Shures wirelessly you will need a bluetooth transmitter to plug into the headphone jack on your mp3 player (unless you have a bluetooth player like the newer Sony's, in which case you wont need a trasmitter, or if you have an ipod, in which case you can get one that plugs into the dock connector) and a bluetooth reciever to plug the shures into.

Deal extreme have a few transmitters and lots of recievers to choose from, read the user reviews to find one with good sound quality, you will want it with your shures.

I have considered using this type of setup with my custom fitted in ear monitors...

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