Is there anyway I can download a Recovery Disk for my Acer 5920 laptop?

Found 8th Jan 2012
Looking to factory restore my laptop to give it to my parents.

I've tried the Alt and F10 option but nothing seems to happen. Once the large Acer screen comes up, I hold down the two buttons but nothing. Its only when I release them do a small purple load bar goes up and it restarts as normal.

The laptop has a C and D drive installed. The C drive is nearly full but the D drive is empty. Shouldn't the D drive have some sort of Recovery file there?

Without that Recovery file is there anyway I can factory restore the laptop?

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Do you have a disc? What OS is on the machine? You can download discs from the interweb and use your genuine key on the laptop to reinstall on the laptop. Search for what your COA sticker says on the net, either in torrent form or direct from microsoft if it's vista/7, xp isn't available from them direct anymore i don't think. For example 'Windows XP Home Edition' and download one that isn't cracked and is just a plain xp disc, burn to cd or usb stick and boot from it, use your key when installing and sorted. ALT+F10 is usually the recovery partition, but if you don't have one then do my way.
Recovery files are on 'hidden' partitions and not the D: drive. Acer laptops usually have these but thats not to say yours hasnt.

Easiest way to check is to download Hirons boot cd, burn that to a cd and then use it to boot the machine. In there is a tool to boot from various partitions, including hidden ones, so may just be a case of trial and error. I have had Acers laptops before that would only do a restore from the ERecovery Management tool and would not do Alt+F10 recovery.

Also check the ERecovery tool within Windows to see if it allows factory restore.

Lastly, as Miick says, the other option is to download a Windows iso that matches your COA and install a 'vanilla' system... but you may have to install some hardware drivers manually (which isnt really a prob but can be a pain sometimes if things aint recognised).

Oh and lastly, and maybe should be first on yours list, is to check to see if anything is visible in control panel/system and security/administrative tools/computer management/storage/disk management... may show a partition that either states 'recovery' or does not have a drive letter assigned to it.

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Ok. I've managed to download a Windows Vista Recovery Disc but its in an ISO format.

I've put it onto a USB stick. Is there anyway the laptop can boot from USB? Is that how it will work?
If you just copied the iso to usb then no. You can boot to usb, but the usb will need to setup the same structure as a bootable dvd/cd. If you dont get what i mean then make a dvd from the iso, then copy the contents of the dvd in its file format (not iso format) to the usb drive. You will then need to point the laptop to boot from usb in its boot options.

BTW did you check the erecovery within windows (usually in Acer section within all programs in your start bar) ?

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Right. I've just found the Acer eRecovery Management program.

One of the options is to restore. Once clicked, it gives me three options.

1. Restore System to factory default
2. Recover system from CD/DVD
3. Re install applications/drivers

When I click Restore System to factory default, it asks me to enter a password.

Any ideas?
Ahhh lol.

Can you not remember ever entering a password on setup ?

TBH ive never had that... usually it just does it without requiring one, so that means one must have been set at some point in time.

Well as it stands it seems that you have a recovery option and yes option 1 is the one you want. However without password you may be stuffed. Perhaps try to just leave password blank ? If all else fails perhaps try ringing Acer tmorrow as they might have a way round this and be able to somehow reset the password.
Also have a look at this m8... two option for you, 1 is the acer default password, 2 is Hirons boot cd to extract the password database. Option 2 is more hastle if you are unsure about pc stuff but just follow whats written.

Acer Password Recovery

Also you seem to be able to do it from within windows:

Reset within Windows
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