Is there anyway to stop vista asking you if you want to move things all the time.

    Like when i go to move a file, it says you need permission, do you want to give it permission, blah blah blah.

    Its my computer i will do what i want with it!!

    Does anyone know how to turn that rubbish off.


    [CENTER][SIZE=7]Vista is the Mister ;-)[/SIZE][/CENTER]


    turn off the uac (i did it as soon as i bought my pc :lol:)

    control panel
    find your username
    bottom should say uac... untick the box

    edit as modoc said :lol:

    Original Poster

    Thanks people!!


    Its my computer i will do what i want with it!!

    Then you really should have read the Vista T's & C's, I think you'll find, UAC or no, pretty much anything and everything you do on that machine is property of the Microsoft Corporation and they reserve the right to bend you over and screw you royally any time they fancy lol :thumbsup::whistling:

    UAC sucks, I turned it off after about 2 days of Vista driving me mad...

    are you sure you want to do that?

    Definitely sure?


    hmmm ok

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