Is there anyway u can check a reg plate details online ??.....

that u can find there details on the comp, even if you have to pay ?

Im sure someone marked my car from their car as it was really close, id like to send them a bill lol
nah id just like to see there car first and see if my paint is on there door !
I got there reg coz i made sure (its happened to me before, altho it was a crap car at the time so i didnt pursue it. )..

thanks for any help


you can do it by text

it won't give you their address or anything, but for no cost you can do a car insurance quote on direct line and enter the licence plate and it'll tell you (for confirmation purposes) the model, engine size and possibly colour of the car

don't know how useful this information will be but could be worth a look...

The OP is confusingly worded.

What do you want?

I doubt very much you will find the information you are looking for, data protection springs to mind!

(I assume you want the owners name & address)

For basic details I have found ]autotrader to be the best, put the registration number in on that link and click start check. It will give you the the following details for free; make, model, transmission, fuel, body type and colour. This is much easier than the insurance quote way above :thumbsup:

If you want to check if the vehicle is insured, use ]askmid

Thats the only info your going to be able to get for free

op want the car owner's address, the only way you will get that is through the police, there is no other legal way. and then you must have cause

I was recently in a car accident. I have used the askmid if that car is insured and is says no. any ideas if this means they definetly don't have insurance. (Currently they are trying to say its my fault and claim through my insurance)

Sorry to hijack the thread. Any help would be gr8


call the dvla and say you want address of owner. They will give it to you if you have a good reason from what I read on another thread.

Original Poster

Apparently i can fill in a V88-8 form and for a £5 they will send me the details



Apparently i can fill in a V88-8 form and for a £5 they will send me the … Apparently i can fill in a V88-8 form and for a £5 they will send me the details

Did the DVLA tell you that?

Original Poster

Yes the DVLA told me that



Yes the DVLA told me that

Thanks. I was pretty sure they would give you the info.

Did you have to give a reason for the request?

I WISH IT WAS COMMON KNOWLEDGE THAT YOU COULD GET A DRIVERS DETAILS. Maybe then, it would stop the drivers who cut me up on my bicycle, swerve closely around me, swear at me for being on the road etc. Why do some drivers think they are invincible and can do what they like around cyclists? Rant over.

If they knew I could come and pay them a visit at home, their driving might improve somewhat lol
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